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The Man Who Was Thursday

The Man Who Was Thursday - G.K. Chesterton, Simon Vance This one left me feeling underwhelmed. I listened to it on audio, and the audio production was . . . good. The writing, too, seemed . . . good. I feel indifferent about the political message, but, like, sure. True believers are the more dangerous sort of activists. I’ll ride that train. Overall, though, it just felt like there was not that much going on here.

But, you know, this was pretty good when they made it into that movie, Mission Impossible. Fake disguises and dramatic unmaskings are almost always a good idea. And I’m glad they left off the LSD-inspired Beatles-cartoon ending because that was weird.

I also feel like there is rumored to be some kind of message about God in here? And maybe that was what the LSD ending was about. But, if this guy is supposed to be God, then Chesterton’s God sure is a tricksy fellow! And he has a lot of time on his hands for pointless hijinks. Am I supposed to think that is a deep message about existential anguish??? I don’t know!

It actually felt more to me like watching LOST from start to finish. Like, when that show started I said, “This show is totally going to be pointless. And it is a terrible concept. And they obviously have no idea where they are going with it.” And then I kept watching because, you know, I, like God, have all this time on my hands for pointless hijinks, and there were some genuinely entertaining parts. And then it ended and the whole universe was like WHAAAAA????? And went back to folding its laundry.

That is basically my response to this book as well.