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Lonesome Dove  - Larry McMurtry When Cowboys and Aliens came out, I was basically ecstatic – cowboys in space with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig? Yes, please! I didn’t watch it at the time because I was in school, but a few weeks ago, my snake-in-the-grass intern lured me to watch it. So, I can never get those fifteen hours of my life back. It was not like Firefly and Cowboy Bebop. It was a Western, you guys! Just a plain old Western with some “aliens.” It was like if Starship Troopers were earnest. Ugh.

Anyway, the point is that Westerns are not for me. I don’t know what to do about it. I like The Matrix and Star Wars and probably the other stories that people will tell you are actually based in the “Western” plotline, but, c’mon, people. Let’s not generalize too much. So, I don’t like Westerns. I don’t like loveable hokeys and endearing arrogance and referring to penises as vegetables and stories where people just walk and walk and walk and wonder about their dads. They are just not for me.

So, I’m putting this one down because I just don’t really care about these guys getting a poke for their carrots or this girl going to San Francisco. I can’t find it in me to care. Sorry, characters.

I will say this, though: this edition of Lonesome Dove has the most hilarious introduction from Larry McMurtry. It’s about one page long, and he basically says, “You know, I wrote this book about the most despicable people possible, and they take what I like to think of as Dante’s trip through hell. Then, people start reading the book, and they fall in love with it. I’m like, what?? People get all inspired and think it’s romantic and the new Gone With the Wind, and now I can’t walk down the street without getting hit in the face with some stupid Lonesome Dove spinoff toy or another. It’s kind of ridiculous. So, have fun reading the book.” Obviously, I fell in love with that. So awesome. I think I read for a little longer than I would have otherwise (I got to page 180), just because of that intro. But, I have to agree with McMurtry. It’s got an Inferno feel in a hot, dusty town. And, that’s not my thing.

Strangely enough, I just watched the Ken Burns Civil War documentary, which I think could also be described as a hot, dusty, western Inferno, and I loved it. But, Ken Burns. Taste is weird.

On to something else.

I received this book from the publisher for free.