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Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter - Lloyd Kahn I LOVE TINY HOUSES!! Look:

snowboarder tiny house:

Mike Basich tiny home in Utah

Lighthouse tiny house:

Broadhurst crib tiny house

hobbit tiny house:

hobbit house in Wales

I don’t even LIKE hobbits, but I would so live in that house if it’s as cool on the inside as it looks on the outside. And if it has hot running water.

This book is pretty fucking cool. It has a bunch of rad tiny houses and floor plans for them. It has a house made out of wood pallets! WHAT?! And instructions on how to make a house like that. It has a bunch of adobe houses with hay bales for insulation. So, that seems like a major fire hazard, until they tell you it’s adobe. Still, don’t play with matches in that house.

It turns out, though, that I am not as big a fan of tiny homes as I am of tiny houses. Homes, it turns out, includes people who built geodesic domes on top of their cars, and people who drive around with a log cabin on the back of their truck like in Arrested Development. And BOATS! I mean, come on. I love boats, but I want my tiny house books to have tiny houses in them, not boats! I am a tiny house purist.

I will admit that I hadn’t realized before this particular tiny home book how the whole tiny house phenomenon has a pretty serious hippie and hillbilly element. But there is even some unexpected full-frontal hippie nudity in here. And I’m not gonna lie, if I was as hot as that girl, you’d probably see me posing nude in more tiny house books. More than none.

Rated R? Can you rate something PG-13 with full frontal nudity?

When I worked at Barnes and Noble, I used to stop by the art and architecture section sometimes and look at the tiny house books (and there weren’t even naked people back in ye olde tiny-house-book days). Mostly the seemed like freakishly cool Japanese and Swedish inventions that sparkled from the inside and had amazing nooks and crannies to put books in. But, now I see how they can be made to look like barns and geodesic domes. Thanks a lot, America. But, that is okay, too. My love of tiny houses continues. I have a tiny house myself, and I love how everything fits together in it and there is no wasted space. Tiny houses rule.

I downloaded a copy of this book from NetGalley, and I get to keep it for 55 days, which is exciting and weird at the same time! But, if you download one for yourself, make sure you have a way to look at it in color because it’s mostly about the pretty and weird pictures. (If you’re just going for the naked girl, though, those are in black and white anyway, so don’t put too much effort into the color download.) Helpful tips.