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Bad Girls Need Love Too: Pleasure Yourself with Pulp Fiction - Gary Lovisi I love propaganda. I love its extremeness and enthusiasm, even when that enthusiasm is applied to some of the weirdest ideas. I mean, propaganda has come up with some great images for women. There’s our girl, Rosie:

Rosie the Riveter

And then I’ll always love this one, which I think was one of my first avatars on goodreads:

My marxist feminist dialectic brings all the boys to the yard

And, then, we’ve got this whole bodice rippers dare going, so karen sent me this half-rad half-disturbing collection of pulp covers. Thank you, karen! It is pretty awesome as a collection of crazy propaganda, but also I had to stop reading it halfway through because I got too depressed. So, I just finished it a couple of minutes ago.

This book is pretty much a collection of cultural fears about women finding some kind of autonomy, or worse . . . making money! Or worse . . . LIKING OTHER WOMEN!! Terrifying, I know. I’m not gonna lie, the quoted parts are pretty amazing. This is one of my favorites:

She lay back, breasts floating, hair swirling in soft eddies around her beautiful face. “Be big,” she pleaded. “Be – be a seahorse with a beard of Neptune and the strength of a shark! Hurt me, Brent! Oh, make me scream with hurt and want and hurt again!”

Like ya do. V.D. Burns is pretty pissed he didn’t come up with that description. Also, when you try to google what that would look like, it just gives you a bunch of scary images of sharks, so don’t do it.

This is my favorite of the covers:

crafty dames cover

What is wrong with that girl’s butt? The quote about that cover is, fittingly, about spanking. But, obvs, the girl is doing the spanking, which seems like a missed opportunity, but what are you going to do with bad girls?

Also, these books are racist. I’m sure you’re shocked about that.