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The Wandering Fire  - Guy Gavriel Kay Okay, this story finally got me. Fiction takes life and crystallizes it. It boils down and simplifies, so that when real life is too overwhelming, I can remember what to filter out and what to hear. I can remember that the pining lovers reunite, the little girl grows into wisdom, the white horses win. The double-edged part of that sword is that it’s probably not true, it probably shouldn’t be true. But, sometimes stories don’t need to be true in order to be somehow necessary, I guess. I was in the right mood for this book. I was in the right craving of escape, craving of simplicity. I know this story isn't all good guys winning all the time, but it still organizes good and evil and love and hate and family into something manageable.

These are my random thoughts about the story: Jennifer has Satan’s baby in this book. That rules. I totally love Satan’s baby stories, I guess. I had just watched the X-Files where they do Rosemary’s Baby, and it’s officially one of my favorites. I hadn’t realized before that I really dig Satan’s baby stories, but I do. Maybe it’s my Mia Farrow thing. I still don’t get what Satan’s motivation was for choosing Jennifer, though, but maybe book 3 will clue me on that. Satan’s motivations are a big mystery to me in this story.

Also, I’m totally okay with the Camelot stuff, but I’m not in love with it.

And, Kim has sex with Loren!!! GROOOOOOOSSSSS! That guy is like one million years old in my brain, and just cause she has white hair doesn’t make her elderly! I thought she and the king were going to have a thing, so I was SHOCKED when she went for the old dude. Shocked.

So, I really love the story of the rake prince and the princess from the south. I guess I love a rake, and a rake finding his girl, and all that. I just like that story. I like the idea of guys appearing careless to cover up their own passion and perfection. It's a failing, but I'm a sucker for it. I also like that the couple likes each other and are basically nice to each other except when it makes sense for them not to be. And it's nice that the story has come around to make the fighter girls (the priestess and the princess) respectable or endearing, rather than threatening or psycho like I felt they were in the last book.

I’m still feeling like the girls keep getting the short end of the stick, though. Like, Paul sacrifices himself, but then he gets to rise again and be a god/man. Kevin sacrifices himself, but, like, he dies of orgasm as he impregnates the head goddess, right? Not too shabby of a way to go. And both of those sacrifices save the world. But, Jennifer gets taken and impregnated by Satan, which possibly curses the entire world (or saves it, no one knows yet). And Kim is just naturally a seer, which seems to be pretty much a hassle for her all around. So, the guys seem to get a better deal, and their better deal seems to work out better for everyone generally. I know I’m looking too closely at it, but the girls are my models! Why do our stories have to suck more?!

Ultimately, I am not totally comfortable with the typical fantasy format that assumes an enemy’s physical characteristics mark the enemy as evil. That just seems like propaganda that leads to race wars. It is comforting to read, though, when real life is so opposite of that kind of simplicity. I guess that’s one of the reasons it’s called fantasy.