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Thank You, Jeeves  - P.G. Wodehouse It is a true testament to how freaking hilarious P.G. Wodehouse is that I kind of want to read this book again despite its use of the 'n' word and Bertie's blackening his face to create the central mistaken-identity gags. I doubt this book will ever be on Oprah's Book Club list, and while I would usually mean that as a compliment, sadly in this instance it is an insult. So much of this book was so truly, truly funny that I couldn't stop reading it, though. I wouldn't claim to be the most sensitive reader ever, but usually if I notice racism, it will kill a book for me. This definitely made me uncomfortable, and I imagine myself giving Mr. Wodehouse what could only be described as a "cold and stern stare" after the fashion of Bertie's Aunt Agatha, but it was even interesting how nonchalant the racism was. I guess it would be uncharacteristic for our dear Mr. Wooster and his cronies to have regard for people of other races (unless, of course, they brought breakfast with them), and that even adds an additional sense of the period in which this book was written.

Jeeves is a wonder, though! I can really only take off one star for the discomfort caused by the racism. Wodehouse writes, well, like a leopard. The book is dripping with wit, hilarity, and ham sandwiches.