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The Gambler (Modern Library Classics) - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Constance Garnett Just after I read this book, I watched the movie Alex and Emma, in which Luke Wilson writes a book that plagiarizes this story. It made me very uncomfortable. As far as I know (and I watched pretty carefully) the movie did not cite Dostoyevsky at any point. It also made me feel weird about myself that I am a person who would read a novella by Dostoyevsky (because I just can't get enough) and then go watch a pretty lame romantic comedy with Luke Wilson and Kate Hudson because it sounded like a good idea. I couldn't confess to the Dostoyevsky crowd that I watched the Kate Hudson movie, and I couldn't confess to the romantic comedy crowd the outrage I felt over obvious plagiarism. I'm glad I could finally get this off my chest.

*sharp intake of breath* I just imdb'd the author of the screenplay for Alex and Emma, Jeremy Leven (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0505230/), and he also wrote the screenplay for my second most hated movie, The Notebook. I hope we can all agree to boycott his future movies out of respect for the sanctity of author ownership.